The Pump Efficiency Program is a cost-effective way to decrease both the operational and maintenance cost of your pumps by increasing their overall efficiency. The first step of this program is to submit an application and schedule a preliminary pump test. In many cases the pump test is free of charge. Please contact us to determine if you qualify for a complimentary pump test.

The next step is to become a member on our Asset Management website. Membership will further assist you in keeping track of all your pumps, repairs, and maintenance, allowing you to easily share your information with us so we can assist with rebate applications. The website will also give you detailed information on the savings that are available for your pumps, when they should be strategically repaired, and the estimated cost savings available. Although becoming a member of this website is optional, it is highly recommended and will provide you with enhanced program benefits.

The third step is to apply for rebates and incentives through your local utility. This will significantly bring down the upfront cost of any recommended repairs that you plan to have made. Our skilled engineers are here to assist in helping you in move forward with pump repairs and assist with rebate applications. We have collaborated with utility engineers to get thousands of rebate applications approved and awarded.

The final step is to provide us with detailed invoices of the improvement work performed on your pumps. This will help us verify that your pumps have been correctly repaired and qualify for funding approval rebates. A second pump test may be conducted to insure the increase in efficiency and any changes in operating conditions.

Below you will see some examples of utilities and what incentives are available. Select your state and your utility. If you do not see your utility then please contact us for more information on a program in your area.

Potential Incentives

Select StateSelect UtilityEnergy Efficiency MeasureCustom Measure Incentive, $/kWhCustom Measure Incentive, $/kWMax IncentiveDeemed/Prescriptive Measure IncentivesEnergy Studies or TestsFinancing Available
ArizonaAPSPump Upgrade$0.05N/AUp to 75% of Incremental Cost$50 per HP for VFD$225 towards Pump TestingYes
ArizonaAPSPump SequencingN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AYes
ArizonaSSVECPump UpgradeN/AN/AN/AN/AUp to $450 for pump/ blower testing. * Contact utility for energy audit cost allowance.Yes
ArizonaSSVECPump SequencingN/AN/AN/AN/AUp to $450 for pump/ blower testing. * Contact utility for energy audit cost allowance.Yes
CaliforniaPG&EPump Upgrade$0.08$150.00Up to 50% of Incremental Cost$40 per HP for VFDN/AN/A
CaliforniaPG&EPump SequencingN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A

Does My Utility Have a Pump Rebate Program?

Many Utility and Investor Owned Utilities (IOU) offer incentives or rebates for improvements made to decrease the energy consumption of equipment. Please contact us for help with applying for these rebates and incentives; we have experience working with many different utility companies and IOUs in California and Arizona to obtain rebates for our customers. We have supported rebate applications that have awarded customers up to $250,000 for pump projects. Applying for rebates and incentives is a sure way to make many projects feasible by lowering payback periods to less than one year.

Depending on your location and the utility from which your energy is purchased, different rebates and incentives might apply. Please keep in mind that each state is different and will vary from state to state.

Please contact us and we will assist you in determining the rebates that are available in your area.


Many utilities have specific instructions for eligibility to receive their rebates and incentives for efficiency projects. These rules are fluid and sometimes change making it very important to follow the strict program rules and guidelines to keep projects eligible. It is recommended to consult with an implementation team and have them guide projects through the process of rebate and incentive applications. Please contact us to determine if your facility and site is eligible to receive funding for your pump improvement projects.

Please Click here to see if you qualify for a federal incentive.